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Three. A belated update.

Being a supreme procrastinator I am finding it difficult to maintain a daily schedule writing a blog.  Obviously people who can maintain such schedules are either being paid to do so or have nothing better to do.  So I am foregoing the “Days” in my title line and am going to just continue to number … Continue reading

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Page Two. A far fetched idea.

So I missed a day, well, not really, I got to writing late, so here it is after midnight and I am ready to post my blog.  But I just did a lot of writing. I felt compelled to write in response to a New York Times article posted on Yahoo entitled “Financial Advice Gleaned … Continue reading

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Page One. Imagine.

If a tree falls in the woods and there is nobody to hear it – will it make a sound?  Of course it will.  Science proves that sound waves carry and indeed never die.  Every sound ever made, every radio and television broadcast is still alive on some minute wavelength that may never be heard … Continue reading

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