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Page One. Imagine.

If a tree falls in the woods and there is nobody to hear it – will it make a sound?  Of course it will.  Science proves that sound waves carry and indeed never die.  Every sound ever made, every radio and television broadcast is still alive on some minute wavelength that may never be heard again.  But it is there.

So I have decided to develop this experiment.  If somebody writes a blog and does not tell anyone about it, will it be found?  Will anyone stumble across it in web searches and if so, when?  I am going to write something every day.  Right now I am focused on a 30 minute time block around lunchtime or after hours to remain diligent and be able to do everything I have to do and I will come to this keyboard and punch out a message that is delivered into cyberspace among millions, nay billions of megabytes of data and wonder if anybody will read it.  If you are reading this and there are no comments below, I urge you, I beg you, comment, and do it now before your chance at being a pioneer in the vast reaches of the world wide web slip into oblivion and somebody else steals your thunder.  And don’t just say something stupid, like “Yeah, I’m here.”  Make a statement, tell us what brought you here and how you came to be on a webpage that, right now, at this moment in time, is not about anything in particular.

While here, writing your response, I also urge you not to be lazy.  Check your spelling and fix your typos.  It is not that hard, your computer underlines it in red for you.  Turn on your dictionary if you can’t figure it out.  Have some style in what you write and by all means do not abbreviate.  Do not use the shorthanded text style that is undermining prose and developing into what is becoming readily accepted as another language.  Please help to preserve the written word in English language and do bother to use capitalization, punctuation and proper grammar.

No, I am not an English teacher.  Nor am I a journalist or renowned author.  I would like to be.  I have written a multitude of screenplays, both features and shorts, a novel I never did anything with and an epic poem I placed on Amazon Kindle that nobody has yet purchased a copy of.  I have many more stories in my head than will more than likely never come out.  I try to write what I can when I can force myself to write, hence, the exercise herein.  This is my coping mechanism for writers block now.  Just a freestyle rambling that may entertain myself, and if I am lucky, somebody else.

But I do a lot more than just write.


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There's so much to tell, where do I begin?


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Mike Rembis

Mike Rembis

There's so much to tell, where do I begin?

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