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The Etiquette Of Rejection or Your Role In The World

All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts . . .William Shakespeare The work place is a collection of people brought together to do different things to reach a common goal: to produce revenue … Continue reading

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The Disposable Employee

After a few weeks working for Alesia I knew I was disposable because every one else she hired also appeared to be disposable.  The only reason I didn’t know it immediately is because I have hope for the greater good and faith in human decency. That hope and faith did not last long. My very … Continue reading

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The Coupon Slave

The easy part about making the transition from cemetery sales to advertising sales was not being paid for anything.  It did not matter at all where I spent my time. Technically I was still employed at the cemetery.  Because I refused to quit and my sales manager Sandra apparently had no power to fire me … Continue reading

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The American Way

Obviously, I am employable, but not by anybody who wants to pay for an employee. This is the general consensus among those who will actually hire me.  For a career salesman, like myself, thousands of jobs exist.  Having spent much of my career seeking out finer opportunities I know this to be true.  There is … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Meetings

Once you are on the government dole it is necessary to seek out employment.  Something I was doing anyway, so not a real problem to keep track of where I applied for work and who had not called me.  It is all a click, cut and paste away. While seeking work I still sought out … Continue reading

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My Catch-22

Even with draw balance of $2,877.90, the highest Sandra had ever seen, she would not fire me.  She sat across from me at her desk and told me that my draw would be cut off, then asked me what my plans were.  It was as if she expected me to quit.  I told her I … Continue reading

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The Chains of Necessity

I can not pay my bills.  Nor do I qualify for bankruptcy.  I have two jobs and have made no money in the last two weeks.  I must be doing something wrong. Working straight commission?  Is that it?  Could be.  But what else do you do when these are the only jobs anyone will hire … Continue reading

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The Slave Awakens

I am a slave. I do not want to be a slave, but I know that I am one. I do not want to offend those whose heritage may be rooted in slavery.  Slavery certainly leaves a bruise that even time will not heal completely.  So to those whose ancestors suffered in chains, I say to … Continue reading

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