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The George Anthony Devolder-Santos Files

This page is dedicated to displaying PDFs I found online in government public records. Everything here can be found with a simple internet search using appropriate keywords and filetypes. Any information I find to be relevant to my investigation of Congressman George Santos will be listed here and updated when appropriate. Please CLICK THIS LINK … Continue reading

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Banal Art – The Tale of the $120,000 Banana

When you hear that somebody spent $120,000 on a banana taped to a wall, what do you think? The obvious knee-jerk reaction is that it is ridiculous, or that it may not even be true. But at Art Basel in Miami, last week, this was reported to have actually happened. Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, who … Continue reading

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A Rebuttal

I recently caught my local news and saw what could be dubbed a “hit piece” on the local film commissioner, who I know personally. While I do not consider us to be close friends, I do know him to be a stand-up guy. So, when the local TV watchdog decided to raise eyebrows by suggesting … Continue reading

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The Roller Coaster

Alesia began the following Monday morning with a compulsory training session for her five new employees. Safely out in the field and structuring my day as I found fit, I was not required to attend, but encouraged to stop in some time during the week to meet everyone. On Wednesday afternoon I dropped in to … Continue reading

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