The Corporate American Slavery Business Review

Because I have spent more time working than writing the last two years have been nearly devoid of any creative text as far as this blog is concerned.  I now pledge to work harder at posting updated information.  Daily posts will not be available.  Weekly, maybe, but every once in a while I think I can commit to, so let’s plan on that.

Between October 2012, when I was working for no pay at the cemetery, and now, where I am working for what feels like no pay at a Medicaid filing service, I filled my time with several assignments that I will now attempt to relate here.  In retrospect, I should have been more diligent about maintaining this blog from the start, however, in my own defense, nobody was really paying attention to me anyway so I didn’t feel like I was letting anyone down.  I did spend a lot of time rebuilding my online persona through my website, my LinkedIn profile and created an entertainment outlet to raise funds for my endeavors through Patreon.  So while I may not have made a great deal of headway in a career sense I now feel a great deal of personal satisfaction in knowing that what I have to present to the public is updated and accurate.

It is my goal at this time to fill in the blanks for the last two years, sharing the stupidity I have witnessed through The Corporate American Slavery Business Review.  While I have not been employed full time at any large corporations, I have been working for smaller companies where the influence of Corporate America permeates the processes of the principals.  I will be exploring these processes and the mindsets of the individuals I have been working alongside to complete my tale and bring you up to speed as swiftly as possible.

Much of this blog will serve as a memoir in the sense that I must begin again today to tell you what happened when I chose to sell advertising instead of cemetery lots and funeral services in 2012.  Being broke is true impetus to take any job and being paid as little as possible by everyone willing to employ me was reason enough to keep looking for better pay and take whatever work came my way.  All of this is why my blog exists.

You will see what I mean.  Just read.




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