Witnessing Stupidity

Idiocy In The Workplace

This is what I have been reduced to.

Over thirty years in the workforce with almost nothing to show for it has led me to develop this exposition about what I have done, what I am doing and what can be done about it.

If you have a job that you like – good for you.  I am glad.

If you have a job you don’t like, or have ever held a job you didn’t like, or held a job you liked in a place that didn’t let you like it, you may want to stick around and read through my posts to find out if we have anything in common.  There are a lot of places to work that nobody really wants to, but they go there anyway.  They tough it out.  They get through it.  Is that any way to really exist?  To just “get through” things so your day can be over and you can go home and wait for it to start over again?

For many people this is exactly what their world is like.  The workplace is an unbearable mess they can’t avoid because they need a paycheck.  I have spent my entire life working, mostly, in places I did not care to be.  I have held over 100 jobs in over 30 years and am still looking for work.  I need a paycheck just like everyone else.  I have bills to pay and goals to reach and I need some financial security.  So here I am, telling you all about it.  My story may be the only thing of value I have to share.

Thanks for listening.

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