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The Coupon Slave

The easy part about making the transition from cemetery sales to advertising sales was not being paid for anything.  It did not matter at all where I spent my time. Technically I was still employed at the cemetery.  Because I refused to quit and my sales manager Sandra apparently had no power to fire me … Continue reading

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Ask My Opinion On Profanity And That’s What You’ll Get

I was recently asked about my experience with profanity at work.  I thought it was a fun Q & A and decided to share my thoughts here.  I could go on and on about it, but I think I’ll save some of that for later posts. Should we, as employees, swear at work? Whether or … Continue reading

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Thank You For Visiting

If you have stumbled across this and like what you read, thank you!  I am glad you enjoy it. I hope you had a chance to read my Unpublicized Blog as well as all of The Corporate American Slavery Business Review.  This blog started as a way to cope with my work situation at the … Continue reading

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