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If you have stumbled across this and like what you read, thank you!  I am glad you enjoy it.

I hope you had a chance to read my Unpublicized Blog as well as all of The Corporate American Slavery Business Review.  This blog started as a way to cope with my work situation at the time.  Few people have read this and to date, nobody has offered any feedback.  If you have read a substantial portion of my writing you likely understand my need for a creative outlet like this.

Since the last post here I have been working a few different jobs for small companies and over the last several months have completely revamped my website and resume to offer an absolutely transparent and flawless account of who I am.  Dedicating time to this blog during the reformatting of my public persona was a nearly impossible distraction so I have not penned any substantial essays over the last two years.  In addition to my website, LinkedIn page and other websites I stayed busy working and editing screenplays, poetry and developed my book The Rembis Report.

My focus now is to continue this blog as a truly refined product.  Witnessing Stupidity – Idiocy In The Workplace will serve as my main creative platform on the subject of employment and will take on the corporate climate in the United States.  I will be adding new posts as The Corporate American Slavery Business Review to offer my viewpoint of how the world works, or does not work, for me and others in similar situations, and Unseen Ramblings, which will deal with distractions on a more personal level.

The plan for Witnessing Stupidity is to develop this blog into a podcast.  For a successful transition, and to reach other creative goals, I have also begun a Patreon campaign to serve as a platform to present all of my creative endeavors to those who enjoy my humor and wish to have me succeed through my own talent.


About Mike Rembis

There's so much to tell, where do I begin?


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Mike Rembis

Mike Rembis

There's so much to tell, where do I begin?

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